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CASTONG 500 High temperature gloves Thicker palm Flame retardant fire gloves oven Bake Heat treatment Anti-scald safety gloves Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Classification Working Gloves
Brand Name CASTONG
Model Number ABY-5T-34 high temperature gloves
Material Aramid
Features Anti-scald gloves

name:CASTONG 500 ° High temperature anti-scald gloves

Model: ABY-5T-34

Packing: 1 double / bag (opaque sealed bag packaging)



Technical Description: High temperature 500 °, comfortable and flexible, anti-cut, wear-resistant, wear a small amount of floating hair.

(500 degrees continuous contact for 15 to 40 seconds will feel hot)



Technical Features:

Conventional temperature of 500 degrees, the main fabricFor the para-aramid dense woven felt, the surface and then aramid denim reinforcement.

With a wear-resistant, anti-cut, temperature, flame retardant; due to the use of denim to strengthen, wear strength increased by twice the original. Gloves more solid, not suitable for the operation of small objects.


Material Description:

Palm: Para Aramid material temperature 500 ° -550 °

Back and wrist: para-aramid dense woven felt high temperature 300 °


Product advantages:

1, Para-aramid elastic knitted fabric room, in line with the United States FDA food hygiene standards, insulation and absorbent, can work long hours at high temperatures;

2, Aramid material non-toxic and carcinogenic chemical composition, in line with EU CE highest certification standards, EN407, EN388;


Recommended use: food processing, barbecue, kitchen, welding, all kinds of high temperature furnace industrial oven, industrial tunnel furnace, industrial welding, metal smelting, die casting, extrusion, heat treatment; ceramics, cement, glass production and other high temperature operating environment.